Warewashing Chemicals, Solids

Beacon Silverware Presoak, Solid , ,

BEACON is a concentrated silverware presoak detergent with enzymes which softens and loosens dried-on foods, guaranteeing removal of all food soils in the dish machine. Excellent performance in all water conditions. Pleasant scent

  • Silverware Presoak
  • With enzymes
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Clarity Solid Rinse Aid, 5lb Solid , ,

CLARITY is a 100% concentrated solid rinse agent that provides the ultimate in performance and cost effectiveness for low temperature and high temperature applications. CLARITY’S sheeting action inhibits the formation of water spots and is effective in all water conditions.

  • Rinse Agent
  • High/Low Temperature
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Encore Detergent, Aluminum Safe, Solid , ,

ENCORE is an aluminum safe, highly concentrated and defoamed solid warewashing detergent that powers off soil. ENCORE’s unique formula has metal protection properties that will not discolor or attack aluminum or soften metals, but leaves them clean and bright. Unusually high concentration means lower use cost. 4/8lb per case

  • Panwash Detergent
  • Metal Safe
  • USDA Authorized
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Magnum Degreaser, 3.5lb Solid , ,

MAGNUM emulsifies grease and oil on food preparation areas, walls, floors, or any hard surface. Rinses easily and leaves no residue or film.

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Solid Performance Detergent , ,

SOLID PERFORMANCE removes heavy food soils fast and effectively, strips stains off dishes and cuts coffee stains on contact. This highly active, powerful detergent provides lower use cost and superior effectiveness in hard water resulting in clear, spot-free dishware. 4/8lb per case

  • Powerful Detergent
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