Rational Chemicals

Rational Care Tablets , ,

Care Tablets, bucket of 150 packets for all SelfCooking Center® units from 10/2008, with CareControl – Serial SG, SH or SI series

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Rational Cleaner Tablets , ,

Cleaner tablet without Phosphorus, for ALL SelfCookingCenter® units since 2004 & CombiMaster® Plus units with article #BXXXXXX or Serial MI series since 4/2017, goes up to 70% further than liquid cleaner, 100 per pack

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Rational Defoamer Tablet , ,

Rational Defoamer Tabs, for all SelfCooking Center units, to reduce foaming in water types subject to severe foam build-up during cleaning, 120 tablets per bucket

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Rational Rinse Aid Tablets , ,

Rinse Aid Tablets, bucket with 50 packets, for CombiMaster® Plus article number BXXXXXX or Serial MI series since 4/2017 and SelfCookingCenter® units serial # SE series (4/2004 – 9/2008) (this product is NOT to be used with units that have CareControl) (

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