General Cleaning Chemicals

Attack Clinging Degreaser, 32 oz , ,

Attack Cling Degreaser can be used immediately due to it’s ready-to-use spray bottle packaging. Its main uses include cleaning grease off of ovens, hoods, filters, grills, stainless steel, and glass.

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Bio-Clean Germicidal Detergent/Disinfectant/Deodorant, solid , ,

BIO CLEAN is an effective multipurpose germicidal detergent/disinfectant/deodorant when used at 1 oz. per 2 gallons of water. Disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one easy step. Recommended for use in schools, hotels, motels, convenience and grocery stores.

  • Disinfectant, Deodorizer, Detergent
  • Neutral pH, Controls mildew, Virucidal
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Biozyme Bacterial Grease Trap & Drain Treatment, Solid , ,

BIOZYME is a solid biological grease trap treatment that is dissolved by in-house water through an automatic inject system to keep drain lines free flowing, grease traps functioning properly and to control odors.

  • Biological Grease Trap & Drain Treatment
  • Keep drain lines free flowing, Control odors
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Brute Multi-purpose Cleaner , , ,

BRUTE is a superior multi-purpose cleaner specifically designed to safely clean most kitchen surfaces. The premium of floor scrubbing products, BRUTE is perfect for kitchen floors and is economical to use. BRUTE picks up grease, cleans out grout and eliminates the hazards of slippery floors. Leaves surfaces clean and film free. (4 gallons/case)

  • Extra Strength Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Floors, Walls, Multi-purpose
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Carbon Cure, metal cleaner, removes carbon and grease, non-caustic, with foaming spray head, 32 oz. (946 mL) , ,

Carbon Cure™, metal cleaner, removes carbon and grease, non-caustic, with foaming spray head, 32 oz. (946 mL)

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Challenge Heavy Duty Degreaser, Gallon , ,

CHALLENGE is a premium heavy duty kitchen degreaser for removing baked on grease and encrusted carbon. Provides complete degreasing of ovens, grills, hoods, fryers, floors, or any other surface with heavy grease deposits. 4 gallons per case

  • Concentrated Degreaser
  • Spray-on , Ovens, Hoods, Filters, Grills
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Cut All Purpose Degreaser, gallon , ,

CUT is a mild, non-caustic degreaser that emulsifies heavy loads of unburned grease and oil without the hazards of caustic. This highly concentrated liquid foaming degreaser needs no additional scrubbing. Power packed foam holds cleaning solution on vertical surfaces to maximize cleaning. Rinse quickly and easily leaving no residue or film. Leaves stainless steel shining, bright, and film free. USDA approved. 4 gallons per case

  • Emulsion Degreaser
  • Non-caustic
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Cutting Board Whitener, Gallon , ,

CBW is specifically designed to restore cutting boards to “like-new” condition. Its special formula helps remove stains that occur during daily use. The extra thick gel will not “run off” which helps keep the product where it needs to be…on the surface of the cutting board. 2 gallons per case

  • Restores Gray, Stained, or Discolored Cutting Boards To Like-New Condition
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Grease Release Degreaser, Solid , ,

Grease Release is a solid heavy duty grill cleaner, oven cleaner, and general degreaser. Grease Release removes protein soils, animal fats, carbonized grease, and encrusted soils from floors, walls, food processing equipment (grills, hoods, ovens, fryers) and kitchen utensils. A unique blend of surfactants and detergents leaves surfaces clean and film free.

  • Economy Multi-Purpose Degreaser
  • Floors, Walls, Multi-purpose
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Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser, Gallon , ,

HEAVY DUTY KITCHEN DEGREASER is a versatile all-purpose heavy duty degreaser that removes even burned-on grease from grills, fryers, hoods, ovens, walls and floors. Use full strength for carbonized grease and varnish and dilute for lighter soils. HEAVY DUTY KITCHEN DEGREASER leaves surfaces shining bright. 4 gallons per case

  • Degreaser
  • All-purpose
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Lime Be Gone Descaler, Gallon , ,

LIME BE GONE is a highly concentrated lime scale remover. To clean, use directly on acid-safe surfaces, then rinse with water. Do not use on wood, formica, aluminum, galvanized metal, or any surface that is painted or stained. 4 gallons per case

  • Lime Scale Remover
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