Deep Fry/Confectionery Thermometer, paddle type , , ,

Deep Fry/Confectionery Thermometer, paddle type, 12-1/2″ (31.7cm), with stainless steel with non-toxic spirit-filled glass tube, temperature range 100 to 400°F (40 to 200°C) ±2°F/ 1°C temperature range, (carded) (MTO) (Cooper)

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Deep Fry/Tank/Kettle Thermometer, dial , ,

Deep Fry/Tank/Kettle Thermometer, dial type, 15″ (38.1cm) stem, .250″ (.635cm) shaft dia. and 2-1/2″ (6.3cm) flange dia., vessel clip and wooden safety handle, temperature range 50° to 550°F/10 to 285°C, features specific applications and HACCP guidelines (Cooper)

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Dial Pocket Thermometer, temperature range 50° to 550°F , ,

Pocket Test Thermometer, dial type with 5″ stem, 1″ diameter dial, .140″ shaft diameter, temperature range 50° to 550°F, ±2°F temperature accuracy, includes adjustment tool and pocket clip, red protective sheath with antimicrobial additive, bi-metal, NSF

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Dial Ring Timer, 60 minute , ,

Mechanical Ring Timer, dial, 60 minute, 3-1/2″ x 3-1/4″ x 4″ (8.9 x 8.3 x 10.2cm), bell rings for 8 seconds, one-handed operation, molded case, non-skid rubber feet (Cooper)

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Digital Pocket Thermometer, pen-style , , ,

Pocket Test Thermometer, pen-style, digital type, 2-3/4″ (69.9mm) stem length, 3/4″ (19mm) tip, -40 to 392°F/-40 to 200°C temperature capacity, ±2°F/1°C from 14° to 212°F (-10° to 100°C) ±3°F (1.5°C) temperature accuracy, reduced tip, 6 second response time, LCD display, min/max/hold modes, on/off button, auto shut-off after 10 minutes, waterproof, low battery indicator light, antimicrobial additive, protective sheath, 1.5v/#LR44 battery type included, 0.9 oz., NSF, CE, RoHS, WEEE (carded) (Cooper)

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Digital Thermometer and Timer Combo , ,

Cook N Cool Digital Thermometer and Timer, 6-1/2″ probe, -25° to 392°F, 2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ LCD screen, magnetic wall mount bracket, silicone-jacketed cable, ABS plastic with rubberized feet, requires (3) 1.5v AAA batteries, IP44, CE, RoHS, NSF (Cooper)

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Digital Thermometer, -40 to 450°F/-40° to 232°C temperature range , , ,

Test Thermometer, digital display with stem, 4-3/4″ (121mm) shaft length, 3/4″ (19mm) tip, -40 to 450°F/-40° to 232°C temperature range, ±2°F/1°C temperature accuracy, waterproof, update button, 1.5v/#392 battery, antimicrobial additive, NSF, CE, WEEE, RoHS (carded) (36 master carton) (Cooper)

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Dual Temp Infrared & Probe Thermometer , ,

Dual Temp Infrared & Probe Thermometer, IR thermometer: -27 to 428°F (-33° to 220°C) retractable probe: -67 to 626°F (-55° to 330°C), temperature accuracy: IR: ± 4°F/±2°C or whichever is greater, Probe: ±2°F/±1°C or ±1%, whichever is greater, auto off, low battery indicator, CE, RoHS (Cooper)

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Economy Thermocouple Combo Kit , , ,

Economy Combo Kit, includes: 50336-K needle probe, 32311-K (packaged in a clamshell), and wall-mount bracket (9368), 6-3/4″ x 2-5/8″ x 1″ including boot, -40° to 500°F/-40° to 260°C temperature range, ±2°F/ ±1°C temperature accuracy (Atkins)

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Infrared Thermometer , ,

Slim-Line Infrared Thermometer, temperature range laser: -40 to 536°F (and C), 6:1 optics, white, CE, RoHS (Cooper)

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Meat Thermometer, dial type, with 6" stem length , ,

Meat Thermometer, zoned 2-1/2″ (6.3cm) dia. dial type, with 6″ (15.2cm) stem length and .250″ (.635cm) shaft dia., with pre-set pointer, temperature range 130 to 190°F (54 to 87°C), ±2°F temperature accuracy, NSF

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